"Beyond the universe there is nothing and within the universe the supernatural does not and cannot exist. Of all deceivers who have plagued mankind, none are so deeply ruinous to human happiness as those impostors who pretend to lead by a light above nature. Science has never killed or persecuted a single person for doubting or denying its teachings, and most of these teachings have been true; but religion has murdered millions for doubting or denying her dogmas, and most of these dogmas have been false."

   --   George F. Spencer

"Most quotations are wrongly attributed."

   --   George Bertram Slaw.

Hi, I'm a rather dull middle aged man living in the humble little town of Kongsberg not far from the capital of Norway - a boring but picturesque little kingdom in the upper left corner of Europe. My spare time seems to focus on the excellent possibilities for outdoor activities the area around my town offers and some volunteer work. I make my money creating software for weapon systems.

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"And somewhere there are engineers
Helping others fly faster than sound.
But, where are the engineers
Helping those who must live on the ground?"

   --   Young Oxfam Poster

I picked this one from: Arvind Gupta